Demo Reel

2D animation reel

Demo Reel

Info on the Demo Reel:

00:04- 00:50 - 4th year thesis: A Letter to Father - Directed, produced, animated, clean up, layout, time spent, 1 year and 1 month, voice by Niel Sumter, Tamtu, plus 24 coloring assistants, 5 clean up assistants recruited online working on 2-3 sequences per person on average.

Thesis Film award: New Media Fest, AZ, Best animated film 2010

00:51-00: 00:58 3rd year animation workshop final- 30 second short, done completely in flash hands drawn animation, time spent: 1 month solo project.

00:59- 1:18 - 2nd year animation, aiming for a children show storybook feel, inspired design by Native American tales and art, pencil on paper animation, mixes with color pencil layout, flash props, and photoshop. Time spent: 6 month, with 2 clean up and 1 scanning assistants.

1:19 - Thesis, animated in flash, completed in photoshop, aiming for a painted appeal - solo on this clip

1:31-1:40- thesis, bird fly cycle and pan

1:41-1:56- Lipsync, 2010 Nov Work in progress, pitch promotion video for Edepth Angel 20 minute fund raising short film. Created in ToonBoom
Voice by Brian Tubbs

1:56- 2:51- 3rd Year film final, E-Depth Angel Trailer- Animated, storyboarded in flash, inked in Paint Tool Sai, completed coloring, glowing effects in photoshop. Composite in After Effects
Time spent: 10 months

15 seconds 3D modeling and texturing
Maya 2010, Photoshop, AE